Simon Jones

Thoughts framed by rambling leaky words. Lines entwining, constructed with shapes and coloured with emotion.

Archive of work

The following is a sample of previous work.

Myths and metaphors 2005

We make sense of the world through stories, building fantasies to explain where we are and our actions. Perhaps it’s this quality that sets us apart as a species. To describe the fantasies, we have is to enter into the space between our actions, in the shadows. This work is about this space.
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Resurrection 2008

These paintings reflect an inner space between consciousness and unconsciousness, that shady moment when we re-enter life from a sleep
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Slave trade 2007

These paintings were a reaction to the bicentenary of the abolition of slavery. I was shocked by the lack of acknowledgement of the misery it had caused. Growing up in Clapham (London), where the abolitionists and slave traders lived made me familiar with part of the story.
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Small, Personal, Devotional 2009

This series is painted on a small scale, (each no bigger than 19x14cm) I wanted to make them personal. The layered intricacy is intended to be meditational and inspire personal devotion.
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Istanbul 2010

This work was inspired by a visit to Istanbul and stories from the Ottoman court.
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Journeys 2012

The work 'Journeys’ shown at the Menier Gallery (London) in November 2012 is based on a nine week cycling trip across France and Spain. As Henry Miller said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
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Southwark Psalter 2016

I wanted to produce a personal artwork, modest in size but grand in concept. This is a selection from 51 paintings of the disassembled book the “Southwark Psalter.” As I live in Southwark and much of my existence is shaped by the place, I located the work here, now and in the past. Psalters originally only contained the Book of Psalms from the Bible and so were portable for the devout, or those showing off; to carry and display. The Psalms contain a little bit of everything, are short, self-contained passages which were easier to discuss and contemplate.
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